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PG drivers continue to be gouged at local gas stations…

While most British Columbia communities have seen a drop in gas prices since Saturday, the Prince George region continues to be gouged at the pumps thanks to local station owner/operators…

This Petro Canada station on 20th Ave is number 1 for price increases and is the first to up the price in the city before any others. It also continues to gouge its customers sitting at 216.9. – PJXM News photo.

While there has been a 10 cent drop in gas prices at a few stations since yesterday a few continue to sell regular gas at 216.9.

This Esso station on 20th Ave in Prince George continues to gouge its customers who choose to fill up there. – PJXM News photo.

Most other stations in Prince George have dropped to 206.9 and that is still 7 cents higher than filling stations in Dawson Creek and Fort St. John, two communities approximately 4 1/2 to 5 hours north of Prince George. Filling stations in both Dawson Creek and Fort St. John sit at 201.9.

This Esso station on 20th Ave at Queensway near Lheidli T’enneh Memorial Park in PG is not far from the first Esso station we posted. Regular gas sits at 206.9 – PJXM News photo.

The Mackenzie station that reports on Gasbuddy.com is selling regular at 215.9. Quesnel filling stations are absolutely no better than those here in Prince George. The price in Quesnel varies between 209.9 to 212.9.

Before filling up it is advised to check Gasbuddy.com for the latest in Prince George gas prices. We don’t expect any big changes at any of the local companies but maybe a price drop at the remaining stations who haven’t already done so by Friday.

Gas at this Mobil Station at Superstore in Prince George is now at 206.9. – PJXM News photo.

This Shell station on 5th Ave in Prince George is at 206.9. – PJXM News photo

This Petro Canada station on 5th Ave in Prince George is selling for 206.9. – PJXM News photo

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