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Shovel Lake fire 20 per cent contained…

Below is the latest on the Shovel Lake wildfire. The fire itself is now 20 per cent contained as of Wednesday night. Our next update will be on Sunday.

Shovel Lake (R11498)

Last updated: Wednesday, August 29, 2018 at 9:47 PM

Location: approx. 6km north of the community of Fraser Lake
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Discovered: Friday, July 27, 2018

Size: 91,253.0 hectares

Status: Active
• 20% contained

The Shovel Lake fire situation has remained fairly static over the last few days with internal fire activity not causing growth beyond the existing perimeter. The most activity over the past few days has occurred on the northeast by the Bud Road, on the southeast corner, and in the north between Hannay Lake and the Sutherland Park area.

This activity has been spurred on by higher afternoon winds and available fuel pockets (what can be called “fuel finding”), especially with remaining spruce stands.

On Wednesday, the southeast corner was given attention to by crews as the fire was fuel finding and spurred by strong western winds. Crews will continue to respond to activity as heavy equipment helps to wrap any excursions that have occurred over existing containment lines. With clear skies, bucketing helicopters supported objectives all day Wednesday.

Crews continued to work on the northeast section, and mop-up along the east flank is ongoing. Heavy equipment has the objective to “tightline” the fire perimeter (meaning: to wrap containment lines tightly along the perimeter as an initial guard within the broader containment lines that have already been constructed along the Barlow and Dog Creek roads).

Crews continue to mop-up along the north for completed objectives while further contingency guards on the north and northeast flanks are being established.

The fire remains active on the north flank in the Sutherland Drainage, but crews have tied the fire activity in to the park boundary and are working to protect timber values.

In the south, crews are patrolling and demobilizing gear from the southwest corner along the southern perimeter to Ormond Pit Road and then mop-up towards the southeast corner by the Sutherland Road to Settlement Road.


Interface Fire
Structural Protection Specialists are engaged with structural firefighters and equipment from the Office of the Fire Commissioner in order to assess and protect structures as needed. These structural crews are running day and night shifts to ensure public safety and protect structures.
Information for residents and evacuees affected by wildfires.

Evacuation Order is in effect.

An Evacuation Order and Alert remains in effect for this wildfire issued by the Bulkley-Nechako Regional District.

An Evacuation Order remains in effect for this wildfire issued by the Nadleh Whut’en First Nation.

An Evacuation Alert remains in effect for this wildfire issued by the District of Fort St. James.

The BC Wildfire Service continues to implement an Area Order Restriction for the Shovel Lake Fire, and asks for the public to respect this restriction by staying out of the area. This restriction is in place to aid in the safety of the public and first responders, and to avoid interference with fire suppression efforts. The area restriction will remain in place until noon on Sept. 15, 2018, or until the order is rescinded. The area restriction order applies to all Crown land outlined on the map (including recreational campgrounds) that is available online at:

This area restriction has been updated as of Monday August 27th – new link has been attached above.

Closures: The Trout Lake FSR is CLOSED due to fire activity. The Sutherland Road is closed from the 15 km mark.

Information on tracking smoke in the area.

Impacts to roads in the area.

More information
Claire Allen

Cause: Under Investigation

• 244 firefighters
• 16 helicopters
• 43 heavy equipment

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