Flood Watch issued for Upper Fraser River…


SATURDAY, MAY 6, 2023 | 3:46 PM

UPDATE – North Interior
Flood Watch – Upper Fraser (NEW), Middle Fraser tributaries, Nazko, West Road, Quesnel River
High Streamflow Advisory – Prince George plateau tributaries (UPDATED)

Fraser River on May 1, 2023. A flood watch has been issued for the upper Fraser River. PJXM News photo.

Weather Synopsis:
An upper trough pattern persists this weekend and into early next week. Shower activities will continue under this pattern. For this weekend in the B.C. interior, the areas receiving heavier rainfall amounts will be determined by the location of the surface low, enhancing the uplifting mechanism and giving more rain.

Areas at risk of heavier rain include the Cariboo Mountains and Rocky Mountains in the Upper Fraser River watershed.

River Conditions:
Flows throughout the region are flowing at or approaching the 2-year to 5-year flow level.
Plateau tributaries have shown signs of diminished snowpack, with stabilized river levels over
the past few days. This includes the San Jose River, Baker Creek, Salmon River, Nazko River and
West Road River.

In tributaries draining from higher terrain, on-going rises have been underway
Ministry of Forests due to accelerated snowmelt over the past week. This includes the Bowron River, Quesnel
River, McGregor River and the mainstem of the Fraser River.

Accelerated rises in river levels are anticipated on Sunday and into Monday due to forecasted
rainfall on Saturday and Sunday. Flows in up to the 10-year to 20-year level are forecasted as
possible over this period in the Upper Fraser River tributaries, and in tributaries draining from
the Cariboo Mountains. In other areas, small additional rises above current river levels are

The River Forecast Centre is maintaining or upgrading to a Flood Watch for:

  • Upper Fraser River and tributaries upstream of Prince George including the McGregor
    River, Willow River, Bowron River and surrounding tributaries (NEW)
  • Middle Fraser including the Cariboo mountains and tributaries east of Quesnel
    (including Quensel River, Little Swift River) and surrounding areas (MAINTAINED)
  • Middle Fraser plateau areas west of Quesnel, Williams Lake, Lhoosk’uz Dene (including
    Baker Creek, Cottonwood River, San Jose River) and surrounding areas (MAINTAINED)
  • Nazko River and West Road River (MAINTAINED)
    The River Forecast Centre is maintaining a High Streamflow Advisory for the North Interior
  • Upper Fraser watershed including plateau areas around Prince George (including Chilako
    River, Chuchinka River, Salmon River and surrounding areas) (MAINTAINED)

  • The public is advised:
    River levels are rising or expected to rise rapidly. Being near these riverbanks, creeks and fastflowing bodies of water is dangerous:
  • Stay clear of fast-flowing rivers and potentially unstable riverbanks
  • Avoid recreational activities such as fishing, swimming, boating or hiking near high
    streamflow rivers or streams
  • Remember, high streamflow can easily trap strong swimmers, increasing risk of

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