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Ended… Rain in the forecast for Friday and possibly the weekend…


After at least 40* plus cm of snow over the past three days in Prince George, the snow has finally stopped falling in some parts of the region, however, another challenge is possible today and Friday…

Our news vehicle covered in 30 cm of snow. – PJXM News photo

The winter storm warning has now ended and rain and warm temperatures are in the forecast to help melt all that snow we just received away.

Road conditions in the PG area are not the greatest and motorists have found some troubling spots like Foothills Blvd and Ospika Blvd South heading to College Heights. A rollover crash this morning on Foothills Blvd below the overpass to Miworth led to a huge backup of traffic in this area.

Snow reaches the top of a tall recycling box. At least 30 cm, if not more, fell on Prince George with the heaviest on Wednesday afternoon. – PJXM News photo

Temperatures over the next few days will be around plus 5, which will no doubt melt the snow and cause water pooling and clogged drains at a fast rate. During the nighttime, temperatures will drop down to minus 4.

Snow covered trees at the PJXM News yard. – PJXM News photo.

The City of Prince George has declared a snow event which gives plowing crews more time to clear priority routes and that will no doubt leave residential areas a mess for some time to come.

Please take it easy the next several days.

* a new accumulation total has been reported.

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