Road line painting nearly complete…

Over the past month, contracted crew working for the City of Prince George have been busy painting road symbols and markings onto streets throughout the city. Every year, crews repaint all of the City’s road lines, while over 900 symbols are painted each year in a three-year cycle.

Most road line painting is expected to be completed by the end of the month (depending upon the weather), while crews must wait for the completion of scheduled road paving projects to finalize line and traffic symbol markings on some sections of road.

Painting by numbers

This year, the City of Prince George is painting:

  • 276,284 metres of white road lines
  • 193,062 metres of yellow road lines
  • over 600 turning arrows
  • 609 pedestrian crossings
  • 470 stop lines
  • Lines and markings for three roundabouts
  • Accessible parking stall symbols in civic parking lots

Vanishing road paint a reappearing issue 

If you think the lines and markings on Prince George streets and intersections used to last longer than they do now, you are right. Increasing traffic, the seasonal freeze-thaw cycle, frequent snow plowing, the use of wintertime traction material and government-mandated, environmentally friendly paint cause road lines and markings to fade more quickly than the lead-based road paint used in days gone by.

Since 2012, Environment Canada has required municipalities and provincial governments to use water-based paint with low “volatile organic compounds” to prevent contaminants from affecting air quality and entering nearby watersheds and streams.

Local governments across Canada are dealing with the same issue and are seeking ways to find cost-effective options to lengthen the lifespan of environmentally friendly, legislatively required road markings. 

Written and released by City of Prince George

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