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Face covers requested at all PG civic facilities…

The City of Prince George is following the advice of the Provincial Health Officer and encouraging masks to be worn inside civic facilities. Dr. Bonnie Henry has indicated that masks provide an additional layer of protection indoors when people can’t always maintain a safe distance between themselves and others.

The additional measure is taking effect on Tuesday, November 3. Signs are being placed at the entrances of civic facilities and information is being posted on the City’s COVID-19 information page. Disposable masks are being made available at entrances along with stations featuring hand sanitizer.

“Since the pandemic began, the City has followed the advice from Dr. Henry and implemented her orders and recommendations,” says Mayor Lyn Hall. “We appreciate that physical distancing isn’t always possible in the facilities that we have opened and so we are following her advice in regards to masks and communicating an expectation that everyone in our facilities should wear a mask if they can’t keep their distance from one another.”

The new expectation related to face masks applies to those visiting civic facilities as well as City staff. The City is continuing to highlight the various ways to help reduce the spread of COVID-19 such as physical distancing, hand sanitization, and staying home if sick.

Starting tomorrow (November 3), all visitors to civic facilities, including those wishing to visit the Service Centre at City Hall (pictured) will be encouraged to wear masks.

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