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Officers arrest Wanted suspect on Spruce Street…

PRINCE GEORGE, BC: Just after midnight on the morning of Tuesday October 27, 2020, two frontline officers with the Prince George RCMP were patrolling on Spruce Street in Prince George when two unknown persons walked in front of the fully marked police vehicle, causing the officer to brake.

The officers attempted to stop the adult male and female, but the male ran from police. A brief foot chase ensued through yards and over fences. Once caught, the male resisted and struggled to free himself from police. He was arrested for obstruction. Search of the male found a firearm equipped with a prohibited magazine loaded with 28 bullets.

The male was identified as 22 year-old Smitty Ralph BENT, a federal fugitive wanted Canada-wide for Being Unlawfully at Large since October 2, 2020. The warrant was issued after he failed to meet the conditions of his release by missing curfew at his designated residence in Prince George, B.C.

BENT was returned to Federal custody. Investigators will be forwarding police reports recommending new Criminal Code charges to the BC Prosecution Service.

The 22 year-old female was arrested at the scene and later released on documents for court at a future date. Criminal Code charges will be recommended to the BC Prosecution Service.

Both persons were issued provincial violation tickets for Failing to Yield to a Vehicle under the BC Motor Vehicle Act.

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