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Cold weather having impact on city infrastructure and operations…

The extremely cold weather is having a direct impact upon City infrastructure, equipment, and operations.

The third day in a row of very cold temperatures across much of northern BC. At the Prince George airport Wednesday morning it was minus 44 without the wind. PJXM News Photo. 15th Ave area.

Water main break on Southridge Avenue

A water main break occurred yesterday morning just before noon in College Heights on Southridge Avenue between St. Anne and St. Lawrence. This break has resulted in the loss of water service for several dozen residences in the area. The break occurred on a water main installed in 1992. At this time, the City does not believe that the cold weather was the cause of the break as the main is located well below the frost line underground.

However, the extreme cold is negatively affecting the City’s ability conduct operations to fix the main, restore service, and meet timelines. The operation will be undertaken as soon as possible, but could be completed as late as the end of the day on Thursday, when the temperature is forecasted to rise.

The City thanks residents for their patience as crews work to fix the main and restore service to full capacity.

Water main break at 6th Avenue and Vancouver Street

Earlier this morning, a large 15cm water main burst downtown on 6th Avenue between Winnipeg and Vancouver Streets. The City believes that the cold did play a factor in the break, due to the old age of the utility, which was installed in 1956, and its relatively shallow depth. City crews have reduced the water flowing in the main, which has resulted in a reduced, but not completely stopped water flow, to buildings in the area. The City also anticipates that it will take extra time to repair the main and return water service to full capacity due to the extremely cold temperatures.

City temporarily suspending snow and ice control operations

Due to the extreme cold, the City of Prince George has also suspended full snow and ice control operations for the next 24 hours to reduce the risk of extreme cold weather damage to City fleet units and contractor equipment.

Four Seasons Leisure Pool Access

The west entrance (adjacent to the parking lot) of the Four Seasons Leisure Pool is closed for the duration of the extreme cold weather. The opening and closing of the door causes high levels of fog in the building and is affecting the temperature in the building and visibility for lifeguards. The main entrance off Dominion Street is open as usual during pool hours.

Written and released by City of Prince George.

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