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Saturday, April 1, 2023 – 7:17 AM |

Let’s have a look at the map for the month of April, to see whether temperatures in your region will be below or above average.

All categories are compared to the 30 months of April between the 1991-2020 period. This map is a prediction of the daily average temperature anomaly (difference from normal) at 2 metres, the standard forecast height. It is not a daily maximum or minimum temperature forecast. – Environment Canada

The forecasts are categorized as follows: 

  • blue indicates the probability that temperatures will be below normal;
  • grey to purple indicates the probability that temperatures will be near normal;
  • yellow to red indicates the probability that temperatures will be above normal; and
  • white indicates uncertainty regarding the temperature tendency this month

March overview

Across Canada this past March, the West saw generally colder than average temperatures, while the East saw temperatures near normal or just above normal. It was an especially cold one in the Prairies, with temperatures near 7 degrees colder than average for this time of year in some parts.  On the other hand, northern Quebec, Labrador and parts of Nunavut were well above average for the month.

Precipitation was near normal across Canada with the exception of the West Coast, where it was significantly drier than average. Although there was snowfall at times over most of the country in March, Ontario, Quebec, and the Atlantic Provinces saw most of it due to a low-pressure system moving through the area bringing several days of snowfall

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