Apparently a resident in Mission, BC, flushed sweatpants down the toilet…

On January 11, 2023, the City of Mission, a community located down in BC’s Lower Mainland, put out a media release saying someone had flushed sweatpants down the toilet, which ended up causing a clog in the system because of where the pants were located. Say what?!

What we’d like to know is why would someone go through so much trouble to cram sweatpants down a hole that it simply can’t fit?! Was it a child flushing their own pants? Maybe so. However, the beginning result would immediately flood the person’s bathroom with copious amounts of water causing damage to the home for hours upon hours of flushing. Who has the time and money for that, especially in Mission after what the residents dealt with in 2021? There are better ways to rid clothing and flushing it is just too obvious.

So ok, do not get us wrong here, cloth material CAN be flushed but not comfy sweatpants. The tweet is just laughable and absurd and we believe the City of Mission wasn’t very happy to go and fix a sewer pipe during Christmas.

A screen shot of the Tweet issued on January 10. The actual tweet is at the end of the story. – PJXM News photo

So what could have caused such an issue? Well let’s go back to 2021 when Mission, BC, flooded during the atmospheric river events in November of that year, which caused immense damage to many parts of southern BC. Sewer systems of many communities were inundated with such mess that it’s highly possible clothing was forced into the sewer system from flooded out broken homes, streets and pipes amongst the obvious.

Destroyed roads and underground pipes could have trapped clothing and other debris inside the sewer system during the entire flooding event. The pants along with other crap travelled and went undetected for over a year and then it was found in an non-obvious place. Where that was was not stated in the media release.

It’s quite simple that the City of Mission is putting the blame on residents for this after all they’ve been through during the flooding events of 2021. Got to admit though, the tips of what not to flush are golden and those tips can be found in the linked media release at the end of this story.

We know the City of Mission would deny the theory presented here today and say it’s not possible. Too much work for little gain on the person who allegedly flushed the sweatpants. It’s easier to lay blame than take responsibility of making sure the water/sewer system is up to par after such catastrophic events. City workers didn’t do their diligence work long enough.

You can view the media release here.

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