BC SPCA launches “pay-as-you-can” adoption promotion for small animals…

Here at PJXM we love guinea pigs and have showcased a couple of them in the Prince George area below. Don’t forget to download the guinea pig care sheet located within the story to see if one is right for you. Story content below provided by the BC SPCA…

Looking for some big love in a small body? From May 16-31, BC SPCA shelters across the province are holding a “pay-as-you-can” adoption event for all small animals, birds and reptiles*.

The “Little Creatures, Big Hearts” promotion is being presented to highlight some of the amazing animals who may get overlooked by potential adopters. “Some people visit their local SPCA looking for a dog or cat, but best friends come in all shapes and sizes, and we have so many interesting and wonderful animals looking for loving homes,” says Lorie Chortyk, general manager of communications for the BC SPCA. “During our May small-animal promotion, we will be featuring rabbits, guinea pigs, hamsters, birds, gerbils, mice and rats and reptiles.”

Maverick. He’s a 1 year old guinea pig looking for his forever home. To learn more about guinea pigs, click the link below for a pdf file from the BC SPCA on guinea pigs.

Guinea pig care sheet sample.

Chortyk says small animals can create strong bonds with their guardians, but it is important that adopters understand their specific care and welfare needs. “We have many resources (listed below) to help guardians understand how to help their pint-sized pets live their best life, and our staff and volunteers are always happy to help with information and advice.”

A hamster being held.
Goose. He’s a 9 month guinea pig located in Prince George. Please make sure you click the link at the bottom of the story to see if Goose is still available.

Chortyk notes that cats, dogs, kittens, puppies, horses and other farm animals are not part of the May “pay-as-you-can” promotion. “We certainly do have other types of animals available for adoption but for this special promotion we are giving our little ones a chance to shine.”

Viper. He’s a 9 month old guinea pig looking for his forever home. He’s located at the North Cariboo SPCA location here in Prince George. Click the link below to see if he’s still available.

If you are interested in adopting a new best friend, view animals currently looking for their forever homes and follow the online instructions for the adoption process. (The link above uses your location information to show you the local animals in your area)

* PST is charged on all adoptions, as well as a BC Pet Registry fee of $11.25 for adopted rabbits.

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