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BC RCMP seek public’s assistance in investigation into active shooter in Vanderhoof…

VANDERHOOF, BC: The BC RCMP is continuing to investigate Thursday’s active shooting incident in Vanderhoof, and is seeking the public’s assistance.

On Thursday, November 25, 2021, a suspect fired multiple rounds at the Vanderhoof RCMP Detachment and police vehicles parked at the detachment before being arrested a short time later.

“Yesterday was nothing less than the most horrendous occurrence that can happen for police officers, our support staff, and our community. For reasons that may become clearer in the following days through the ongoing investigation, an individual opened fire on our police detachment where well over a dozen employees were working.

I am told that bullets from a rifle smashed through exterior windows striking walls, equipment, and flying past work stations where police officers and office staff sat. Terrible accounts where our employees were deafened by gun fire, could smell burning gun powder, and threw themselves on the ground to avoid being shot.

An incident like this is really something that happens rarely and regardless of how well we are trained, with the serious level of threat and fluid mayhem, it is remarkable to believe no one was hurt and the suspect was arrested safely. Really the best possible outcome,” explains Chief Superintendent Warren Brown. BC RCMP North District, District Officer.

As this incident was unfolding, citizens of Vanderhoof provided real time up to date witness accounts through 911. This included suspect and vehicle descriptions, locations and other observations that were integral pieces of information that led to the capture of the suspect.

While Vanderhoof Detachment remains closed to the public as a forensic examination is conducted. There will be no disruption to the calls for service.

The BC RCMP North District General Investigation Section is now leading the investigation and is seeking the public’s assistance. Investigators are aware that there are numerous videos of the incident and are asking anyone with dash cam or cell phone video of the shooting, or the events following it, to share it with police.

If you have any information, or are able to share video, please contact the Vanderhoof RCMP at (250) 567-2222.

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