Occupants of George Street encampment moved to housing units…

PRINCE GEORGE, BC: On Tuesday, staff with the City of Prince George, in collaboration with other agencies including BC Housing and the RCMP, helped to relocate the occupants of the encampment on George Street to supportive housing. All of the 20 occupants of the encampment moved willingly and peacefully with totes containing their belongings. Temporary fencing has been placed around the site to ensure no further encampments are established. City staff are removing debris left behind at the site.

Agencies helped move the homeless encampment on George Street to supportive homes. – City of Prince George PHOTO.

“This is a very challenging time for staff, residents, and business owners as we manage this serious health and safety concern,” said Adam Davey, Director of Public Safety. “I am very pleased with the work of all of our bylaw, parks, and outreach staff and the work they did with BC Housing, RCMP, and other community groups to help relocate the occupants with dignity and respect.”

The move to housing successfully fulfills a decision in Prince George (City) v. Stewart, 2021 BCSC 2089 issued last week by The Honourable Chief Justice Hinkson that the encampment be removed as soon as October 29. Per the ruling, the encampment on Lower Patricia Boulevard may remain until suitable housing is available.

The City of Prince George is continuing to review the decision of Chief Justice Hinkson and will take the appropriate legal or practical steps necessary to ensure the health and safety of all citizens.

The City is also continuing to work closely with BC Housing to ensure the availability of shelter or housing to transition the occupants in the Lower Patricia encampment.

Written and released by City of Prince George

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