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Vanderhoof cadets receive VCDS Commendation…

VICTORIA, BC: Two air cadets from Vanderhoof, B.C. were presented with Vice Chief of the Defence Staff Commendations on Friday, August 13 at the Connaught Youth Centre in Prince George.

Flight Corporal Hannah Kalyn and Corporal Gabriel Kalyn were recognized for their roles in assisting at a fire on April 26, 2021, at a neighbouring house.

“We are incredibly proud of these two cadets, who demonstrated the Canadian values – and Canadian Armed Forces values – of service before self, leadership and courage during this incident. They are a testament to the type of youth the Cadet Program develops in communities across the country,” said Lieutenant-General Frances Allen, Vice Chief of the Defence Staff.

The awards were presented by Commander Stephan Gresmak, Commanding Officer of Regional Cadet Support Unit (Pacific), on behalf of Lieutenant-General Allen. Hannah and Gabriel are cadets with 899 Vanderhoof Royal Canadian Air Cadet Squadron. They joined the Cadet Program in December 2019, and have enjoyed drill and sports, as well as the virtual training programs offered in their community and nationally during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Photo: (L to R) Flight Corporal Hannah Kalyn, Commander Stephan Gresmak, Corporal Gabriel Kalyn, Chief Petty Officer 1st Class Michael Miller at the Connaught Youth Centre on 13 Aug 2021, where the cadets were presented with Vice Chief of the Defence Staff Commendations. Photo by 2Lt Anita Wlasitz.

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