Record-Breaking Temperatures Lead to High Levels of Water Consumption…

PRINCE GEORGE, BC: On the edge of Wilson Park on the bank of the Nechako River is a plain-looking building with a plain name: PW605. Unknown to almost anyone other than the people who work there, PW605 is a superstar, single-handedly providing more than half of the drinking water used in the City of Prince George.

It has been working harder than ever this week. On Wednesday alone, PW605 pumped out 41 million litres of water – 42% more than the daily average for the whole system in 2020 and believed to be the most water ever produced by a single well in Prince George.

“We had some pumps working non-stop over multiple days to keep our water reservoirs replenished and to make sure that firefighting crews within the City continued to have high pressure through the hydrants,” says Wil Wedel, Manager of Utilities for the City of Prince George.

Prince George’s drinking water is sourced from underground aquifers, pumped to the surface by six wells, stored in 15 reservoirs, and distributed through 810 kilometres of pipes. As presented in the 2020 Annual Report, the City water system produced more than 11 billion litres of water last year, which works out to be 29 million litres per day. That’s nearly 400 litres per person per day.

Please consider how you can conserve water. Remember that sprinkling restrictions are in effect: odd-numbered houses can water on odd-number dates and even-numbered houses can water on even-numbered dates. No lawn sprinkling is allowed between noon and 5pm. See our website for more information about water conservation.

Written and released by City of Prince George.

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