Livestock owners urged to prepare for wildfire season through Premises ID…

As B.C. faces the risk of an extreme wildfire season in 2021, ranchers and livestock operators are urged to register with the Premises Identification (ID) program.

The program helped about 200 ranchers access their animals in evacuation zones and saved the lives of hundreds of animals during the devastating wildfire season of 2017.

“We experienced the hottest temperature ever recorded in Canada this week, the forests are dry and the risk of wildfires is very, very real,” said Lana Popham, Minister of Agriculture, Food and Fisheries. “Having a Premises ID helped B.C. ranchers protect their animals during the intense wildfires of 2017 and 2018, and it could help you this year too.”

Ranchers with a Premises ID number are in a better position to respond to emergencies that could impact them. They can be given direct notice of approaching extreme weather events that could threaten their animals and land, and using their Premises ID can make it easier to arrange for access to check on their animals in areas under an evacuation order.

The program is available at no cost through a user-friendly online registration system. Producers are encouraged to register land where animals are kept, handled, assembled or disposed of.

About two-thirds of livestock producers (5,200) and 100% of supply-managed (i.e., dairy cattle and poultry) livestock premises are currently registered in the program.

2021 will likely be the last year participation in the Premises ID program is voluntary, as a new Premises ID regulation under the B.C. Animal Health Act is anticipated to be in place in 2022

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