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Northern Health review into recent racism allegations…

The Northern Health Board has endorsed a review of the recent allegations of racism in healthcare at its hospitals. These allegations are taken extremely seriously and we believe that the review underway will allows us to understand what occurred from the experience of this family, the staff and physicians.

NH’s Chief Operating Officer in the Northwest, and the Northwest Medical Director, will lead the review, and seek expert guidance from Mary Ellen Turpel-Lafond to ensure the review is carried out appropriately and that the process reflects the principles of cultural safety and humility. The purpose of the review is to look at hospital-wide practice and care to identify opportunities to improve the quality of care and services provided.

Due to privacy reasons and as litigation has been commenced, Northern Health cannot speak to the specifics of the recent case in the news. We do wish to express that the loss of a child is tragic and our hearts go out to the family.

Northern Health remains committed to continued learning and improvement in how we attend to systemic racism in the health care system.

Written and released by Northern Health.

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