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RCMP dismantle illegal outdoor Cannabis grow operation outside of Lytton…

LYTTON, BC: Police officers conducting aerial operations in RCMP Air Services helicopter, Air 4, spotted a sizeable outdoor illegal Cannabis grow operation outside of Lytton this past Friday.

On August 28, 2020, Lytton RCMP officers made the discovery while on board an RCMP helicopter. Due to the size of the grow operation and its physical location, the team decided to return on Saturday to dismantle the site, bearing in mind that often times such locations are typically staged with booby traps meant to injure or kill unsuspecting visitors or first responders.


“Our investigators safely seized in excess of 5,200 cannabis plants from the rural outdoor grow site,” states Sgt. Curtis Davis, Lytton RCMP Detachment Commander. “Given the remoteness of the location, our front line Lytton RCMP officers were flown in and out of the site by our RCMP helicopter, which was integral in safely dismantling this seemingly illegal Cannabis grow operation.”

Anyone with any additional information about this particular grow operation site or any other suspected illegal site is asked to contact the Lytton RCMP at 250-455-2225.

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