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Motorcyclist charged with undue care following Wednesday crash on Peden Hill…

PRINCE GEORGE, BC: Police have released details on a two vehicle crash that occurred Wednesday morning on Peden Hill…

Police say at approximately 9:30 AM, officers received a report of a collision involving a motorcycle and a pickup truck in the eastbound lanes on Peden Hill.

Emergency services including the Prince George RCMP attended the scene. A 36 year-old male motorcyclist was transported to hospital for treatment of serious injuries after the motorcycle he was riding ran into the back of a pickup truck. The truck was coming down the hill and had stopped for a red light when the collision occurred.

Immediately following the collision, police received several calls from the public providing information about the riding behavior of the motorcyclist before the collision. 

The motorcycle rider received a provincial violation ticket for driving without due care and attention and received a $368 fine.

The RCMP would like to thank those members of the public that stopped to assist with medical care until help arrived.

Traffic was stalled on Peden Hill for just over 1 hour before it reopened around 11 AM.

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