Key Dawson Creek crossing replaced with new bridge…

DAWSON CREEK, BC: The new Rolla Road bridge and road realignment is complete, helping to maintain safe and efficient travel for people at all times of the year, especially during future flooding events.

“This new bridge and road realignment will benefit local and commercial drivers,” said Claire Trevena, Minister of Transportation and Infrastructure. “This structure is built to withstand future floods and will serve as a good crossing for all types of vehicles.”

The bridge is so far down the road. BC Transportation Photo.

The new bridge replaces the old crossing and is built to modern day safety standards. It was built with a steel girder and concrete deck on Rolla Road No. 3 (Snakepit), just east of Dawson Creek. This was one of the sites that was severely flooded in 2016, as the road went down into a valley to cross Dawson Creek over two culverts.

The $25-million project benefits commercial drivers, as it is built to accommodate overweight and over-dimensional transport loads.

Written and released by BC Government

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