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Two people arrested after issuing counterfeit money…

FORT ST. JOHN, BC: Two people have been arrested after being caught issuing counterfeit money…

Over the past few weeks, the Fort St. John RCMP received close to two dozen reports of counterfeit currency being issued throughout the city.

In these cases, either $50 or $100 were issued, usually paying for lesser priced items and the suspects receiving the product and significant change or service.

Tyrone DAVIS was arrested and charged with Possession of Counterfeit Money, Uttering Counterfeit Money and Possessing Instruments for Counterfeiting.
DAVIS was released by way of a Release Order with a future court date in these matters.

Wynter SCOTT was arrested on four files and has been charged with 6 counts of Uttering Counterfeit money. SCOTT was released by way of a Release Order with a future court date.

“We want to the business community to be aware of what is happening and to keep any future bills they may receive and to make a report to police”, said Inspector Anthony Hanson.  “Those who create and use counterfeit currency are undermining our community and together we can minimize the damage that they cause.”

The Fort St. John RCMP continue to investigate and is asking anyone who may have information about the counterfeit currency to contact police.

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