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RCMP concludes police enforcement of court-ordered injunction on Morice West Forest Service Road

As of 3:45 pm today, February 11, 2020, the temporary exclusion zone that the RCMP has put in place on the Morice West Forest Service Road near Houston, BC, has been removed. The senior commander and members of the Division Liaison Team have been in contact with office of the Wet’suwet’en and police liaisons advising of the removal of the exclusion zone. All individuals can now re-enter and travel on the road.

The right to peaceful, safe and lawful protest, and freedom of expression, are important parts of Canada’s democracy. However, blocking roadways is both dangerous and illegal. While we respect the right to demonstrate peacefully, police of local jurisdiction will enforce the law with sensitivity. The Community Industry Safety Office which has been on the Morice West Forest Service road since January 2019 will remain in and the RCMP will continue patrols of the corridor to ensure everyone’s safety.

The RCMP will continue to monitor the situation and engage in ongoing dialogue with the Hereditary Chiefs, Elected Councils, CGL, and government.

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