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Peewee Hockey Team from Williams Lake needs your help!

We received a message Saturday morning asking for support towards the Williams Lake Timberwolves Peewee hockey team and Noopa, a Boys and Girls club program in Williams Lake. The team is currently in the Top 10 and would like to make it into the Top 3 for a chance to receive $100,000 for the Boys and Girls club! They can only do that if you watch a 1 minute video clip from the team.

Below is the message we received and the link to the YouTube video…

We are a peewee hockey team from Williams Lake, competing in the Good Deeds Cup, and we have finished in the top 10 from across Canada!

We are the ONLY team from BC and now need help getting into the top 3. Those three teams have a 1 in 3 chance at $100,000 for their charity. Ours is the Boys & Girls Club of Williams Lake! I am trying to think outside the box to help propel us forward. I’m reaching out to other BC cities in hope that might be able to help.

That’s it! Each view of our 1 minute youtube video is a vote for us (BC) and the Boys & Girls club.

We only have till tomorrow (Feb 9) to get votes and need another 10,000 views to compete for that third spot in the finals!

Thanks so much!
Leslie Rowse

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