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Search crews locate man who spent close to 20 hours in deep snow…

QUESNEL, BC: A man and woman from the Quesnel region spent the night in the bush after their vehicle became stuck in deep snow Thursday afternoon…

Police say the incident began at around 4 pm, when a truck with two occupants got stuck on the 100 Road, approximately 70 km southwest of Quesnel. The man left on his snowmobile to get help while his wife stayed and waited inside the truck. The man failed to come back.

The next morning, Jan 24, at approximately 5:15 AM, police were notified by a Likely, BC, resident that a woman was calling for help on a VHF radio. RCMP managed to locate the stuck truck and woman and asked for assistance from local Search and Rescue crews to help locate the missing male.

At 11:43 am, the man was located by the search team using a helicopter. The RCMP and Search and Rescue members reached the man by snowmobile and brought him to safety.

When the man’s snowmobile got stuck, he attempted to walk back to his wife and vehicle. Exhaustion set in and the man hunkered down for the night and waited for help. 

The man was transported to the hospital with symptoms of mild hypothermia and cold exposure.

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