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Extreme Cold Warning in effect for Prince George and BC North…

We warned you at the beginning of the week that it would become very cold this weekend and well into next week as winter temperatures are settling around the northern half of BC.

Prince George and BC North are both under Extreme Cold Warnings. Temperatures at night will be in the minus 30’s and with the wind it could feel like minus 40 or colder. For Prince George, the cold temps begin tonight, down to minus 25 and will gradually become worse each night. Plug the car in!

Prince George can see an additional 5 cm of snow Saturday. The city received over 25 cm of snow on Friday.

For BC North, your warning was issued Friday even though you’ve been experiencing winter temperatures for almost a week. The downside is of course the wind. Very cold wind chill factors, between minus 40 and minus 45. Frostbite can occur in minutes so use extra caution.

Bundle up if you have to work in the cold daytime temps! It is not expected to warm up until next weekend.

Details below from Environment Canada…

A bitterly cold arctic ridge of high pressure will remain entrenched over the area for several days. North winds near 20 km/h in Williston and 40 km/h in Prince George and Stuart-Nechako will create wind chill values near minus 40 beginning tonight.

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