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Evacuation zone check turns up lost dog…

WILLIAMS LAKE, BC: RCMP in the Williams Lake Wildfires Command Post had a friendly visitor who boosted spirits.

While doing a check in the evacuated zone near Mountain House Road and Hwy 97 North on July 31, a black and white dog emerged from an area that had been burned by the fire.

RCMP officers took her back to the command post where she was given food (from items donated earlier), water and a makeshift bed.


Cpl. Stephanie Lin with rescued dog. RCMP PHOTO 

We think she might be a border collie cross, says Cpl. Jesse O’Donaghey. She’s very mild-mannered and easy going, and has been a good morale boost for our police officers, working long shifts.

Williams Lake RCMP will be reluctantly turning over the dog to the local SPCA today, who will hopefully be able to reunite her soon with her owners.

Written and released by Williams Lake RCMP

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