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PJXM News is Participatory News…

PJXM News is participatory news media located in Prince George, BC, and is owned and operated by Shane Chevalier. Majority of all stories posted are either posted as is from our sources or rewritten by PJXM News because the releases doesn’t make sense to be released as is.

As participatory media our views can and sometimes are much different than those of traditional mainstream media. Keep in mind that PJXM News can be bias by communicating on our social media platforms. If you’re not a fan of bias approaches than PJXM might not be for you. PJXM does try its best to keep bias out of rewritten news stories but sometimes followers may notice a slight direction of bias when a few details of the story have been removed. This is the way of participatory media.

Background Info

PJXM News has been in operation since September 2009 and currently has over 18,000 members/followers on its social media platforms and on this website. In 2018, PJXM had over 540,000 visitors and 390,200 views on the stories published. The most successful year by far was 2016 when PJXM had over 1.9 million visitors and 940,000 views due to the wildfire situation in BC and Alberta. In 2021, PJXM closed its Facebook page to the public. Planning is in the works for a Group on Facebook in the near future.

The Future of PJXM News…

In 2019, PJXM News turned 10! That is a big milestone for a participatory media group.

Thanks for making PJXM News your choice for local and provincial RCMP News plus more!

Last updated on January 26, 2021.

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