Police investigate multiple vehicle purchases using stolen cheques…


The Dawson Creek RCMP has had several reports of cheque fraud in recent weeks and all appear to be related to each other.

Police in Dawson Creek are sending out a reminder on accepting cheques as several residents have been scammed over recent weeks.

Police say suspects will approach people who are selling their vehicles through private sales listed online, and purchase the vehicle using a cheque.

The cheques being used were stolen from a local business with a Dawson Creek address. All stolen cheques used have bounced, leaving the victim without their vehicle and payment.

Several stolen cheques and stubs have been recovered throughout multiple police investigations, however, stolen cheques are still outstanding.

Only accept cheques from those you know and trust.

If you have any information on this you are asked to call the Dawson Creek RCMP at (250)-784-3700. 

To find out more information on frauds, how to report and keep yourself safe, visit the Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre

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