Updated… Posts to Facebook are returning to a new page July 1st…

You can now view our new FB page.

On July 1st, PJXM will be headed back to using Facebook after leaving the platform back in December 2020…

We now have the ability to turn off comments so we’ll share some of our information stories to a brand new page called PJXM News & Safety Information. The comments section will only be open to weather and road conditions, all other comments will be restricted. And no, that is not censorship. We simply don’t want to read ridiculous comments from spammers, trolls and in between.

Now we did consider reopening our 13 year-old page with 16,700 followers but we found it too be out of date with a lot of stories that are no longer relevant since it dates back from 2020 to 2009. Majority of our stories from that time have been purged from search engines and our website anyway.

Also, our website will remain advertising free! No ads to ruin the story you’re reading and no silly advertising/sponsorships on our new FB page either. That’ll be our commitment until the public no longer sees PJXM as a viable source.

Be sure to check out our new FB page on July 1st! We’ll share the link at that time!


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