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DC RCMP warning of suspicious male trying to enter homes…

DAWSON CREEK, BC: Police in Dawson Creek are warning residents to be weary of a suspicious male going door-to-door allegedly acting as a serviceman…

Police say an incident was reported to RCMP on Monday (Feb 8) and the caller reported a suspicious incident.

The caller informed that at approximately noon on February 8, 2021, a male knocked at her door claiming to work for a gas company while making a request to inspect her furnace. The male did not have ID and was refused entry. The gas company later confirmed that they did not have anyone in the area at the time.

The involved male is reported to be 6′ tall wearing a blue work jacket, blue coveralls, and a black balaclava.

Should you find someone at your door wishing to gain entry, always ask for official identification. They should be wearing company-specific clothing with the company emblem easily identifiable.

When in doubt, always call the RCMP and we will attend to confirm the legitimacy of the person wanting to enter your home.

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