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River Level Dropping Warning Still in Effect…

PRINCE GEORGE, BC: After several significant recent rainstorms in the area, water levels in the Fraser River have started to decline slightly. Nevertheless, with runoff from heavy rainfall earlier in the week still working its way through rivers across the region, along with the threat of more rain in the forecast, the Government of BC has maintained a flood warning for Prince George.

Paddlewheel Park. As of July 6.

The most recent measurement at South Fort George indicates that, as of earlier today, the Fraser River was at a level of 9.2 metres, down slightly from the peak early Saturday morning of just over 9.5m. An evacuation alert remains in effect for residents on Farrell Street to the north of Paddlewheel Park.

Flow rates will remain high and there may be ongoing flood impacts in areas adjacent to rivers. The high water has also prompted the City to temporarily close Hazelton, Paddlewheel, and Cottonwood Island Parks, as well as the Heritage River Trail between the Cameron Street Bridge and Taylor Drive.

Written and released by City of Prince George

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