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Masich Place gets new scoreboard…

A new scoreboard is being installed today at Masich Place Stadium, but it is only the most visible indication of work that has been taking place at the Stadium over the winter and early spring.

Once construction is finished, the new board will be 24 feet high and 19 feet wide and positioned 12 feet above the ground. The scoreboard features an 11 by 16 foot electronic LED video display to enhance visitor experience with animations and graphics. The score clock will also feature a brand new sound system as part of an upgraded stadium PA system.

Construction of the clock is being done by Westcana Electic and is expected to take one to two weeks depending upon the weather. Westcana will also be installing delay-of-game timers for football and lacrosse. The old halogen field lighting is being replaced by Houle Electric with new LED technology lighting offering savings in electrical consumption, but also high quality lighting for events.

Renovations have also been underway in the grandstand and are nearing completion:

  • The addition of two universal washrooms and refurbishments to men’s and women’s washrooms.
  • Refurbished concession area, change rooms, and the referee room.
  • A new score booth with insulation, heat, windows, and controls for the score clock, digital display, and sound system.
  • Additional accessible seating is also being installed to replace the ramp and stairs at each end of the stadium. This will allow access to both the north and south bleachers for everyone no matter their age or mobility.
  • Glass railings will also be installed to allow complete visibility from the accessibility seating areas.

Through the spring, additional renovations at the Stadium will continue and include accessibility improvements, LED field lighting, and additional electrical service for event hosting. These enhancements are part of a multi-year program to refurbish the Stadium, which has already included a new track surface, synthetic infield, enhanced facilities for track and field, and improved seating in the grandstand.

Upcoming events at Masich Place Stadium include the 2021 BC Track and Field Championship Jamboree and the 2022 BC Summer Games. In fact, the Stadium was built for a previous BC Summer Games in 1990 as a premier track and field venue.

The Stadium is currently closed for the winter and will not be opened until at least May 30 due to the on-going Covid-19 pandemic.

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