High pressure ridge moving in for Sunday and next week…

A high pressure ridge, or now known as a “heat dome”, will soon make it’s way into British Columbia bringing with it some possible record breaking temperatures.

West Lake, BC, in this 2021 photo of the lake during the month of June. – PJXM News Photo.

Some areas of the province, most notable down in the southern Interior, will experience temperatures into the low 30’s with overnight temperatures remaining in the mid teens, which could bring some un-comfy sleep patterns over the next while.

For Prince George, our region could be in the 28 to 30 degree temperature range by Sunday afternoon. Temperatures next week could be around the 28 to 30 degree range, with little rain in the forecast. Night time temperatures will be a bit comfier, around 5 to 10 degrees so there’s reprieve for the northerners.

So is the hot heat earlier than normal? Yes. Typically during the month of May, temperatures hover in the low 20’s for Central and Northern BC, while the southern Interior will typically be in the mid to high 20’s.

Why is Environment Canada calling this event a “heat dome”?

Well, they are not calling it a heat dome perse. It’s the weather specialists and forecasters who will use the term “heat dome” to make the public aware of abnormal temperatures when it comes to natural heat. The general public will not care for the words “High Pressure Ridge”. That term isn’t expressive enough to garner much attention any longer (maybe only as a headliner). Just like Polar Vortex (low pressure system of arctic air) and Atmospheric River (a deep cloud band). Both of those terms are not new and have been around for ages but are widely used now opposed to short cuts to grab attention to the forecast.

Anyways, enough of that. Go out and enjoy the weather and play it safe as always! Don’t forget that sunscreen.. but you already knew that one.



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