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🟒 Website maintenance today…


Good morning, folks!

PJXM will be doing some website maintenance today. There has been a few older stories that have resurfaced which are outdated highway closures and vehicle incidents. These stories pop up while performing a Google search for new content with the same headline, as majority of our headlines are the same title, which causes confusing while searching for the latest news.

The updates will not impact our web services on WordPress but you may notice older stories relating to highway closures and vehicle incidents are no longer available to read, even after performing a Google search. It takes 30 to 45 days to rid a story from Google search once it has been deleted from our WordPress site.

The content that will be removed today will date from 2019-2022. All of the 2022 road closures and vehicle incident stories will be removed, including fatal crashes.

This story will be updated with a green bullet 🟒 once done.

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