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Tired of advertising in your news information?.. Here’s a way to block those pesky ads!

Information these days, particularly the important news, is just strewn with non-local advertising, including pop-ups and sign me up letters begging you to sign up just so a commission can be made.

Here at PJXM News, we do not use the gong show power of internet advertising to get the word out to you, in fact, everything we do for our community is free! Say what? Who would waste their time?

It’s not a waste of time and we’ve been doing it for nearly 14 years for free! It’s very important to have safety news information ad free since all those pesky ads take the readers attention away from what is being read in hopes you’ll return to the ad afterwards.

Now there’s a few ways to get around those ads so you can enjoy a clean website without much interruption! The best way.. A free built-in ad blocker!

Microsoft Edge on Android and iPhone devices uses a built in ad blocker and here’s how to turn it on! Keep in mind you’ll be prompted to disable the ad blocker when visiting some mainstream media ad strewn sites and all you need to do is just click “Continue without Disabling” and the content will load as usual.

To turn on the Ad Blocker Plus system do the following within the front page of the Edge browser.

Click the three dots

Click settings

Click Privacy and Security

Find: Block Ads, in most cases it is off already but you want to turn it on.

Click the Block Ads tab and it is now turned on! Hit the back arrow on a Android device or Done on the iPhone device and it’s all set up and ready to roll! You can customize the ad blocking system. If you really enjoy ads from a certain website, you can exempt it from the blocking system. Click on Exceptions and add the URL to the safe list. You can have an unlimited amount of sites that will be exempt from the system and added to a safe list.

That’s it! Enjoy seeing less or no ads at all on the websites you frequently use the most to get information!

A common question: What if I click “Disable Ad blocker?”

If you click “Disable Ad Blocker” it’ll bring you to this pop-up menu asking to select the browser. Edge isn’t listed.

What’s a Cookie?: Each new day users will be prompt to disable the ad blocker and this is because the website cookie that was stored on your device let’s say on a Sunday has expired and a new cookie will be issued and stored once you revisit the site the following day. And, yes, PJXM has no choice to use cookies on our site, but we never, ever ask for or send you anything to help pay for our website!

Have fun!!

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