⛽ Local gas stations are set and ready to gouge Prince George motorists…

UPDATE: January 30, 2023: It appears the local filling stations have decided on a price of 163.9 a litre for now.

If motorists haven’t noticed the price of the fuel the past week they’ll soon be in for a surprise as local filling stations are once again gouging drivers because they can.

A drive around Prince George Wednesday, clearly shows that prices at gas stations have risen compared to what it was last earlier week. It was 154.9 at most stations in Prince George the week of January 16th and by the end of it, on Sunday, some stations had risen the price by at least 15 cents to 169.9.

Shell Station by 5th and Tabor Blvd. – PJXM News photo.

Today, some stations are now reporting 172.9 a litre, up 18 cents from January 16th. Watch now they’ll drop it for the time being and by Friday it’ll be up to the average.

Petro Canada is always the first gas station to up the price and clearly motorists are either unaware or they just don’t care. Located on 5th Ave in Prince George. – PJXM News photo.

Experts continue to say that by the time summer arrives or even well before it, we’ll be paying well over $2.20 a litre and the increases will continue as refineries that didn’t close for maintenance in 2022 will now have no choice but to shutter for the time being. Experts also blame the war in Ukraine, which we read and hear a lot of in the mainstream media.

The warning stories the mainstream media dishes out is a leading cause of price increases because the mainstream can’t keep it quiet so expect the price to creep up to the $2 mark by early to mid spring.

Husky station on 8th Ave near Spruceland Shopping Centre. – PJXM News photo.

Motorists will no doubt rethink their summer travel plans, however, majority will just pay the gas price saying what choice do they have?

Esso/Mobil on 20th Ave is the cheapest in Prince George at the moment sitting at 163.9. A few other stations remain at 163.9 so shop around Prince George! – PJXM News photo

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