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☃️ Bitter cold temperatures are leaving us for Christmas snow… 🎅

Good news, folks!! The bitter cold temperatures are leaving us for now and will soon be replaced with some more seasonal and unseasonably warm temperatures if the forecast pans out.. and, some snow!

Environment Canada is forecasting snow and warmer temperatures for the Christmas weekend here in Prince George.

So let’s talk Christmas snow. Between 15 to 20 cm of snow could fall between Friday and Saturday afternoon, leaving the perfect setting for Christmas eve. On Christmas day, the temperature could rise above zero and we might (slight chance) get some rain mixed in with that snow. Let’s hope not.

Santa is just about ready to take his flight for Christmas 2022! – PJXM News photo Christmas display at PJXM News.

As for Boxing Day, it is too early to suggest what we could see for this day but maybe a little peek… ❄️❄️ and plus 1.

That’ll change as expected.

Since the cold temperatures have delayed shoppers from adventuring outside most of the week, this Friday and Saturday will be make up time for many people to get those last minute food goodies and gifts. Expect busy mall parking lots, longer lines and lots of vehicle traffic. Be nice!! 🎅

Remember, if you’re driving to Prince George over the next few days, check DriveBC.ca for the latest! Drive safe!

We’ll update the forecast on Saturday afternoon. 🎄

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