🥶 Bitter cold nighttime temps arriving tonight…

This coming Wednesday (Dec 21) marks the beginning of winter here in the northern hemisphere and with that comes some deep freeze temps as the sky will remain clear for the next several days…

Environment Canada has forecast nighttime temps to dip down to minus 33/35 beginning Sunday night and well into the week. Daytime highs will be between minus 25 and minus 30, so not much of a daytime reprieve as the sky remains clear and frosty. Factor in the wind and the temperature plummets further to minus 40 or lower at night.

A temperature rebound is set for the weekend of Christmas! However, it is way too early to discuss temps and if Prince George will see snowfall on Christmas.

We’ll have a better understanding of the Christmas forecast on Thursday morning after 11 am. 🎅❄️🎄

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