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🌞 Summer heat returns for an extended period of time. We got some real tips to help out a bit…

UPDATE: There will be 3 cooling centers in Prince George. One at the PG Schizophrenia Society on 6th Ave, one at the POUNDS Project on 3rd Ave, and at Central Interior Native Health Society on 4th Ave. PG public spaces such as the Aquatic Centre are also open. The spray park at Lheidli T’enneh Memorial Park is open daily from 9 AM to 9 PM for everyone who like to cool off.

If you plan to be outside make sure to drink plenty of water or an electrolyte and use a sunscreen of at least SPF 30.

The summer time heat is once again returning to most of British Columbia this week with temps reaching into the low to high 30’s depending on your location…

Environment Canada has issued Heat Warnings for the Central Interior, Cariboo regions and the BC Peace, plus many other regions included as well. Check your local weather app for the full details.

Below this paragraph are tips to keep your house cool. For those living in high rises and apartments, these tips may not work due to how heat rises from the 1st floor up to the last floor. It all depends on those who live below you and how they deal with the heat that will no doubt affect your home above. Apartment homes can make use of a portable AC unit on wheels and or a dehumidifier to reduce the high humidity in the unit. Help your apartment neighbours by keeping your place cool!

  • Keep all doors and windows closed with the blinds/curtains down as soon as the temp inside matches what it is out. Houses trap heat as they’re supposed to. The word Winter says it all. Right?!
  • Keep electronics off like computer towers, televisions, and game consoles because they each put out heat if they are kept on all day long. 
  • Avoid using the stove and oven and use alternatives like a slow cooker or cook outdoors. Using the stove and oven causes humidity to rise.
  • Use the ceiling fan. If you have a ceiling fan make sure you can feel a down draft otherwise it is going the wrong direction. Reverse the direction so you can feel cool air. Ceiling fans can reduce the temperature much faster than an ordinary portable fan.
  • Use a dehumidifier in your basement or upstairs to reduce the humidity that gets trapped inside making your skin feel sticky. Keep the windows downstairs shut at all times. High humidity is the number one cause of restless sleep during hot spells. Unfinished or partially finished basements can have high humidity during heat spells. 60 percent or higher humidity is bad and can cause restless nights, mold and wet carpet/walls downstairs which could lead to further problems. A dehumidifier will make the room less moist by sucking the water out of the air by adding dry heat to the mix making it more comfortable for resting. Set the dehumidifier to reduce the humidity level to 45 percent. Use a hygrometer. Remember to empty the water chamber!! Most dehumidifier units will shut off once it’s full of water.
  • Use a window fan at night to exhaust the hot inside air outside. Don’t use the window fan to bring in air as you’re just adding heat to your home. Make sure the fan fits the window properly.
  • Use your furnace fan to circulate basement air. Use a dehumidifier in the basement to help the furnace fan deliver cooler, dry air. Set the dehumidifier to 45 percent.
  • Use the air conditioning. Just remember to start the AC before it gets too hot outside otherwise the unit will work much harder to cool your home and could end the products life sooner rather than later. And, it’ll cost more to use it than it would if you started earlier in the morning. Start the AC up as soon as the temperatures match inside and out. Set the temperature on the AC unit between 21 and 23 degrees, close the windows, blinds and doors at all times. If you set the AC temperature below 21 your AC will be working harder to cool your home. You want to give the AC compressor breaks in between. AC units automatically do that if the temperature is set correctly.
  • Reduce the time you’re inside the home! That’s right your body temperature will increase the room temperature your sitting in. If you can, go outside and find some shade, goto a shopping centre, library or other cooling place. Obviously that’s not feasible for all so you must do what you think is right! Call for assistance if you need help!

Here is a dehumidifier working to keep the humidity at 45. Humidity level. It is currently 51 percent humidity. A 30 pint dehumidifier works pretty quick to reduce the moisture when placed correctly. Follow the manual instructions.

Government warning messages won’t cut it so make sure to physically check on loved ones and your neighbours, including seniors!! Seniors and those who are heat intolerable can’t rely on warning messages alone! They will need help.

Be safe!

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