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ICBC and police warning drivers to slow down as speed-related crashes rise…

As the weather warms up, an average of 141 speed-related crashes causing injury or death occur every month now through summer.*

That’s why ICBC and police are launching a month-long campaign to warn drivers that driving too fast – even in ideal road conditions – can have tragic consequences.

Police will be targeting speeding drivers during May. Speed Watch volunteers will also be set up in communities across B.C. to remind drivers of the speed they’re travelling.

Speeding remains the leading cause of car crash fatalities in B.C. with eight people, on average, killed in crashes involving speed every month from May through September.

The faster you drive, the more time and power your vehicle needs to stop. Slow down so you can see more of the road and have more time to react.

Each year around 12 people are killed within the north central region due to speed-related crashes.

Written and released by ICBC

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