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New survey reveals 42% of drivers admit to still using their phone behind the wheel…

A new Ipsos survey reveals that 42% of drivers admit they still use their phone at least one out of every 10 trips. Yet of those B.C. drivers surveyed, 93% believe it’s highly risky to text while driving and 84% believe it’s highly risky to talk while holding a cell phone and driving.

Using electronic devices, like smart phones, is one of the most common and riskiest forms of distracted driving and increases the possibility of a crash by five times. In fact, any activity that reduces a driver’s ability to focus on the road or control their vehicle puts the safety of other road users at risk.

Today, ICBC and police are launching a month-long campaign urging drivers to leave their phone alone while driving. Police are ramping up enforcement of distracted driving across B.C., and community volunteers are conducting Cell Watch deployments to remind drivers to keep their eyes on the road when they’re behind the wheel.

Distracted driving accounts for more than one in four fatal crashes each year. It’s the second leading contributing factor in traffic fatalities in B.C., behind speeding and ahead of impaired driving, and on average factors in 76 deaths annually.

Drivers can do their part by avoiding distractions and encouraging others to do the same. Plan ahead and make sure you have everything you need before hitting the road, avoid looking at or interacting with screens and stay focused on the road when you drive.

Every year, on average, 14 people are killed in distracted driving-related crashes in the North Central region.

Released by ICBC

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