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PJXM will continue to be advertising free in 2022…

The title says it all, PJXM will continue to be advertising free throughout 2022! That means our readers can continue to read our stories without ANY interruption and focus on reading by not having to deal with annoying pop-up ads or ads that push the story down so you lose your spot!

PJXM News has been renewed for another year! This will mark our 13th year. 😊

We have a few more updates, see below…

Facebook: PJXM will remain off Facebook until the foreseeable future. We understand that comments can be turned off on each post but the likes, the laughs, and the angry faces remain a feature we want nothing to do with. It is simple, read the story or don’t read the story. You choose. Our Twitter account remains open and PJXM shares quite a bit of information on Twitter!

SARS-CoV-2: PJXM will continue to avoid posting stories and statistic updates on covid-19. PJXM stopped publishing topics on covid-19 in May 2020 when it was realized that SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes covid-19, could not be controlled and waves of infections were inevitable to occur for months and months. Consistent stat updating has caused division amongst us all as SARS-CoV-2 will continue to evolve for many years to come. There’s no point in updating every day.

Vaccines: PJXM will continue to refrain from taking a position on vaccination. It is entirely up to each individual whether or not they believe in vaccination. However, we have included links to vaccination on our website within the Help Tools section. We are not going to beg any individual to get vaccinated and there’s no respect lost for your decision.

Mainstream Media: Majority of Canadians understand how the mainstream media and some independent outlets run with their mottos and freedom of the press tactics in order to obtain government funding to help pay for staff and whatever else floats that boat. PJXM is different as we don’t twist information for the sake of good and bad for money. Our goal is to release the information As Is without much editing to the original story. There are times an edit will be needed when a media release is written in poor quality, for example a rushed RCMP release that has atrocious spelling. It happens more than one would think.

Weather and Road Condition Updates: PJXM remains a goto site for road and weather condition events for the Central Interior and BC North. Traffic to our website is the busiest during the winter months and we will not be changing how we do that. It’s been a feature of ours since 2009! Even without Facebook, our website is busy whenever roads become closed due to vehicle incidents and road closures. So we thank you for trusting PJXM for that type of information!

That’s all for now! Have a great day and thanks for visiting PJXM News!


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