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🛎️ Time to adjust to morning and evening darkness…

It’s that time of year again, folks! It is time to adjust for morning darkness and darker evenings thanks to the upcoming winter season and time change.

Following yet another pedestrian incident in Prince George Thursday morning, it is time to adjust for darkness and that time is now! Each year the PG area deals with at least two pedestrian incidents in November and darkness is a contributing factor in those incidents. Please take your time and adjust! Get out of the funk of bright summer mornings because they’re gone!

Pedestrians should dress to be seen and wearing all dark clothing is a serious risk for yourself and the motoring public.

Below is some information from the RCMP on road safety during the fall and winter. While the information may be from Nova Scotia the same applies throughout Canada.

Intersections always require vigilance but caution is especially important as seasons and road conditions change.

“The sun rising later, more pedestrians and buses on the road, and the introduction of frost all contribute to increased risk,” says Cpl Chris Marshall of the Nova Scotia RCMP. “Motorists should be particularly cautious approaching intersections as the rising sun and increasingly slippery conditions can cause unexpected events.”

We all have a responsibility to keep everyone safe and the tips below can help.

  • When approaching an intersection, scan left, right, and ahead before continuing through.
  • Keep music at a level where it does not obstruct your hearing. Pedestrians may find it helpful to remove headphones and earphones before crossing the street.
  • Pedestrians are often more difficult to see in low-light. Motorist should take extra care scanning the roadway and pedestrians are advised to wear brightly coloured or reflective clothing.
  • Drivers can stay safe during left turns by yielding to oncoming traffic and pedestrians’ right of way.
  • Pedestrians and motorists should make eye contact before pedestrians cross in front of vehicles.

Intersection safety is everyone’s responsibility. Please help protect yourself and others by staying alert and focused on what’s happening around you.

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