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Update 8… Freezing rain and wet snow causing issues on Hwy 97 and Hwy 16…


UPDATE 8: Highway 16 near Shelley is now clear but a travel advisory is in effect for Highway 16 from Bednesti, west of Prince George to Bowron Pit Road near Purden Lake, east of Prince George and for Highway 97 from Anderson Road, north of Prince George, to Pineview south of Prince George. As of 12:30 PM.

UPDATE 7: Transit Bus service has resumed in PG and CNC will be open at 2 pm. UNBC is also open but there are no classes today. Highway 97 north of Quesnel is still single lane and Highway 16 East near Shelley remains CLOSED. Peden Hill is in fair condition to drive and it is slow going in the eastbound lanes headed down the hill. Use extra caution on hills where it is shady as icy conditions remain in spots. As of 11:54 AM.

Hwy 97 looking north. – DriveBC.ca

UPDATE 6: Highway 16 between Cowart and Westgate Ave is now open. And Highway 16 East at Shelley is now open.

UPDATE 5: DriveBC is reporting Hwy 16 East is now closed between Cowart Rd and Westgate Ave due to a vehicle incident in Prince George. As of 10:23 AM.

Hwy 16 at Peden Hill. – DriveBC.ca

UPDATE 4: The RCMP has said the BC Transit service has been disrupted in Prince George and there are no buses running at this time. UNBC and CNC have cancelled classes today. As of 8:55 AM.

Traffic back log has cleared in both north and southbound lanes. Roads remain very slick due to black ice. – DriveBC.ca on Hwy 97/16 looking south.

UPDATE 3: Expect delays in College Heights on Tyner Blvd for a commercial transport vehicle blocking the road. As of 7:40 AM.

UPDATE 2: Expect delays within Prince George on Hwy 97. As of 7:35 AM. The weather system that began earlier this morning has now moved north of Prince George. Expect road conditions to deteriorate in the north.

Hwy 97 north in Prince George

UPDATE 1: Hwy 97 north of Quesnel is now single lane alternating traffic. Expect delays. As of 7:34 AM.

Motorists be advised that weather conditions are causing delays on Hwy 97 and Highway 16 in the Prince George and Quesnel regions.

Highway 97 remains closed north of Quesnel due to a vehicle incident. The incident is approximately 15 km north of the city near Umiti Pit Road. This section has been closed since the overnight. Expect delays! No detour.

There appears to be traffic backed up on Hwy 97 in Prince George. If you’re heading south of the Hwy 97/16 Junction, expect delays!

Hwy 97/16 Junction looking south towards Hwy 97.

Also, DriveBC is reporting a major incident on Hwy 16 West of the city.

Hwy 97/16 Junction looking north.

If you do not need to be on the roads this morning it is advised to stay home. Freezing rain and wet snow are in the forecast for this morning.

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