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Car Crashes into Memorial Park Cemetery

Several grave markers at Memorial Park Cemetery were knocked over on the evening of September 30 after a vehicle drove through cemetery grounds.

A car swerved off Highway 16 at around 8:30pm and entered Memorial Park’s Section 13 through a chain-link fence, tearing down four fence panels in the process. Four upright grave markers were in the driver’s path, but only sustained minor cosmetic damage in the collision.

The vehicle then continued across Section 13 and exited the cemetery by way of Lansdowne East Gate, breaking through the barrier and causing significant damage.

The City has referred the crash to Prince George’s RCMP detachment for further investigation.

Memorial Park Cemetery staff have placed the grave markers back into position and are looking into repairing the damage caused by yesterday’s events.

The City is also in the process of contacting the four families whose loved one’s grave markers were affected.

Written and released by City of Prince George

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