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🟢 Website updates taking place this afternoon…


Afternoon PJXM readers! Just a heads up that we are doing some web maintenance this afternoon. We are making some changes for the upcoming fall and winter season. These changes will NOT impact our readers but note that things are on the move.

All wildfire information has been turned off for the season. If you need information on BC Wildfires, please visit this website.

We have also added some links on our side menu regarding covid-19 vaccines and vaccine reports regarding side effects of those vaccines.

Keep in mind PJXM News is not against covid-19 and the effectiveness of the vaccines available. However, we believe since May 2020 that covid-19 statistical case updates regarding new infections are not required on a daily basis and that is why our readers haven’t seen any updates on covid-19 since May 2020. We have not changed our minds on posting that type of information but have since posted links regarding covid-19 on a Canada-wide perspective.

We’ll update when maintenance has been completed with a green dot.


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