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🟡 Local State of Emergency has Ended for Farrell Street…

Earlier this afternoon, the City of Prince George notified the residents of Farrell Street next to Paddlewheel Park that the evacuation alert announced last week has been rescinded and the State of Local Emergency has been cancelled due to steadily receding water levels.

According to measurements recorded by the Government of BC, the water level on the Fraser River peaked at about 9.5 metres overnight on Saturday and has been dropping steadily ever since. Currently, the river is measuring just above nine metres and continuing to recede. Home basements on Farrell Street may start to experience flooding when the river begins to exceed about 9.0 metres.

Paddlewheel Park remains closed to the public. Bridges in Cottonwood Island Park are closed as well. – City of PG Photo.

The City of Prince George will continue daily monitoring of the rivers as the spring freshet continues. The City encourages residents to use caution whenever walking near the rivers, particularly during periods of increased water levels.

Park and trail closures

Currently, sections of the Heritage River Trail and Cottonwood Island Park remain closed due to the high water levels. The Heritage River Trail is closed from the trailhead east of the riverboat launch to Taylor Drive north of Lheidli T’enneh Memorial Park. All three bridges in Cottonwood Island Park are closed, as is the road into the canoe launch. Paddlewheel Park also remains closed at this time, but will be reassessed tomorrow.

All other riverside parks, including Nechako Riverside Park, McMillan Creek Fishing Park, and Hazelton Park remain open at this time.

For further information about the City of Prince George Emergency Response Operations, please visit www.princegeorge.ca/emergency.

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