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Back to school campaign results are in…

PRINCE GEORGE, BC: The Prince George RCMP has released its back to school campaign details for the 2019 season…

While stats are a big improvement over the start of the *2017 school year, drivers continue to speed through playground/school zones. The total number of tickets issued for the start of 2019 school season was 154. The total for start of the school year in 2017 was 379 tickets, a vast improvement but drivers seem to forget the general routine after having 60 days off.

Police say one driver was ticketed and had their vehicle impounded after being clocked doing 110 km/h in a school zone. The driver lost their vehicle privileges for 7 days and was charged under the MVA for speeding which cost $483. Back in 2017, a driver was clocked doing 65 km/h in a school zone. Below are the 2019 totals…

  • Speed in School Zone: 154
  • Other Speeding: 2
  • Excessive Speed: 3
  • Occupant Restraints: 2
  • Distracted Driving: 4
  • Other Violations: 26
  • Impaired Drivers: 2
  • Vehicle Impounds: 5

RCMP volunteers with the Citizens on Patrol Program also conducted Speed Watch throughout several school zones. They observed 1,258 vehicles and found 423 motorists travelling over the posted 30 km/hr school zone.

“Thirty-three percent of vehicles observed by our RCMP volunteers this year during the Back to School campaign were exceeding the posted 30 km/hr school zone, which is concerning,” says Mike Burt, the program coordinator.

“Of more concern is that RCMP volunteers recorded multiple vehicles speeding excessively over the 30 km/hr posted speed limit. Had officers been present, it may have led to more vehicles being impounded,” says Burt. Those drivers not stopped by RCMP officers may receive a warning letter in the mail from the Community Policing Section, explaining the offence(s) observed and potential penalty.

Enforcement officers from Commercial Vehicle Safety and Enforcement (CVSE) also participated in the Back to School campaign with Prince George RCMP officers. Two commercial trucks were impounded for excessive speed. “One of the commercial trucks was impounded after a CVSE officer observed it travelling at 101 km/hr in a 30 km/hr school zone,” says RCMP spokesperson Corporal Sonja Blom.

With school back in session, the Prince George RCMP would like to remind all motorists to remain diligent and obey the speed limit in school zones; these are in effect Monday to Friday from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm.

For more information on Citizens on Patrol or to learn about crime prevention, go to http://princegeorge.rcmp-grc.gc.ca, or contact the Prince George Community Policing Office by calling (250)561-3366.

*(2018 stats are not available so we compared it to 2017)

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