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Advertising ended for our WordPress members…

If you’re a WordPress member you may have noticed that advertising has since ended on the PJXM website!

Effective August 17, 2019, we turned off the ads for all logged-in WordPress members who view our website. Now don’t fret if you’re not a WordPress member, ads could be turned off for all readers beginning in January if we’re approved to do so. It’s just the touch of an icon to turn them off for all logged-in WordPress users. We have 1,820 WordPress members! Enjoy the ad free experience. If you are a WordPress member and see ads, clear out the cookies on your device and try again! It depends on your browser choice.

So why is PJXM doing this? Number 1 reason.. Ads are a pain in the ass. No other blunt way to say it. No offense to those who make their revenue off generated ads it’s just not for us any longer.

Generated ads are a great way to make some revenue but they have a tendency to make readers lose focus on the content they’re reading and tend to not be localized when using LTE data. The weirdest ads pop up.. Don’t you find that when something important comes up ads take over the content because you’re focused on finding out what’s up?! Generated ads get in the way of important info and that’s annoying.

In January, we’ll let the rest of our users know if the ads will be permanently turned off or just reduced.

PJXM is also celebrating 10 years on September 4, 2019! We thank you for continuing to view our website and social feeds!

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