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Search ended… Manitoba RCMP say bodies have been located…

— As of August 7, 2019.

UPDATE… We have provided some new photos. They’ve replaced the previous one. The RCMP has also released new video from a Co-op in Meadow Lake, SK. The video is from July 21, 2019.

Statement from the BC RCMP on the recent events regarding the tragic deaths of American and Australian tourists and the lone male who found dead near Dease Lake. The two missing people from Port Alberni are now considered suspectd and are both Wanted!

As a result of our request to public for information in connection with the Dease Lake investigation and the disappearance of Kam McLeod and Bryer Schmegelsky we are able to confirm some new information and issue a new plea to the public.

Latest photos as of July 26 shows both suspects in a retail store in Meadow Lake, SK, on July 21.

For the past few days investigators have been focussing on locating Kam and Bryer given that their vehicle and camper had been located on fire and the two were missing. We have also been working to identify a man who was discovered deceased about 2 kilometres south of the vehicle fire at a Highway pullout.

Facebook.com profile photo of Bryer. The other suspect has a closed off Facebook account. Share this teens photo! They were last in Gillam, MB Tuesday evening.

Efforts continue with respect to identifying the deceased man.

Investigators have also been able to confirm that Kam McLeod and Bryer Schmegelsky have left British Columbia and have been spotted in northern Saskatchewan. We believe they are likely continuing to travel, though we don’t have a possible destination. They were seen driving a grey 2011 Toyota Rav 4.

Given these latest developments, Kam and Bryer are no longer consider missing. The RCMP are considering Kam McLeod and Bryer Schmegelsky as suspects in the Dease Lake suspicious death investigation and the double homicide of Lucas Fowler and Chynna Deese.

We are asking the public that if you spot Kam Mclead or Bryer Schmegelsky to consider them as dangerous – take no actions – do not approach – and call 911 immediately.

In order to assist our efforts to locate the two men, we are releasing these new images taken recently.

Kam McLeod is described as:

  • 6’4″ tall
  • Approximately 169 pounds
  • Dark brown hair and facial hair
  • Brown eyes

Bryer Schmegelsky is described as:

  • 6’4″ tall
  • Approximately 169 pounds
  • Sandy brown hair

The investigation is complex and evolving very quickly. Investigators continue to follow up on tips, reviewing the physical and digital evidence collected, and share information.

We once again ask the public to call us with any information. You can call the Major Crime Tipline at 1-877-543-4822 or 778-290-5291. We remain committed to providing you with information that is important in advancing our investigations or any concerns with respect to public safety.

Once again we are requesting that the public have a look at the pictures and if you have seen Kam McLeod or Bryer Schmegelsky over the past few days to take no actions – do not approach – and call 911 immediately.

Written and released by BC RCMP.

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